Picture of Me
Throughout my youth and into college, soccer had always been a high priority in my life. I spent many hours on the practice field and over time found that I could learn from both my losses and victories. While I had hoped that soccer would last a lifetime, I was unfortunately diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my big toe joints inhibiting my caliber of play. This forced me to reevaluate what was really important, and also recognize that I had a wide variety of interests off the soccer field. After ending my soccer career, I changed my priorities into constantly challenging myself technically off the field.

I was able to pick up credible volunteer and work experience through a variety of organizations on CSUSM campus while going to school, quickly gaining recognition and more responsibilities. My basic objectives are to work hard and never stop learning.

I find fulfillment bringing energy and knowledge in helping others succeed. My focus is to continually increase my value by improving my problem solving skills as well as technical skills by helping others maximize their use of technology and by asking thought provoking questions to those I serve.